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La Pobla de Lillet is sat in a valley following Llobregat River in the central part of the Pyrenees, 843m high. You can access to the village from Guardiola de Berguedà, where the C-16 road crosses, coming from Berga or Puigcerdà; taking B-402 road if you are coming from Ripoll via Gombrèn; or from Castellar the n’Hug coming from the ski slopes through the mountains.

Sheer and narrow streets, covered paths and bridges shape this medieval village that was established in 1297. As a remind of the medieval past you can visit the monastery Santa Maria de Lillet, the round chapel of Sant Miquel and the main bridge in the village center called Pont Vell.

Across the history this has mainly been an industrial village. Yet on the XVII century it was an important textile producing point, and at the beginning of the XX century it became the center of Portland cement production in Catalonia. Due to this new activity the construction of a particular industrial net was needed: A cable-car to carry the coal from the mines in the mountains to the valley; a train to carry up the coal to the factory; and the factory itself, a particular building made out of Catalan arch and wrought iron. From this recent past you can visit the main touristic attractions in the village: the Cement Train, the Gaudí Gardens and the Cement Museum.

About the natural environment, La Pobla de Lillet is surrounded by mountains, pine and beech forests, and pasture fields. Thus, it is and ideal place for hikers and mountain cyclists. You can visit the Natural Park Cadí-Moixeró and the iconic mountain Pedraforca, the Llobregat fountains where the river is born or the Catllaràs range. Following the different signed walks for hikers you can find out rare floral exemplars like edelweiss or orchids, and mushrooms during spring and autumn; singular lookouts at the top of some rocks, natural green grass fields and hidden ponds; and some cultural spots like Gaudi’s Xalet del Catllaràs, and the ruins of the recent mining past.

Some other reasons to visit La Pobla de Lillet are hunting and fishing, skiing, the slopes of Molina and Masella are 30 minutes far away, and listening to the deer low in autumn.

In Cal Pericas you can find information about the surroundings and the activities taking place.

Signed walks map for hikers
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